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Those that know me, know that I have had 2 kids in the past 3 .5 years- and anyone who has had their own kids know the yo yo affect of being pregnant and then not in that period of time wreaks havoc on your body.  That being said…trainer of all trainers Jordan Patik to the rescue.  I met Jordan in March of 2011 and in 7 months was back to pre-baby weight and have never felt stronger.  No two workouts are the same.  He challenges you to do more and better.  I can’t praise him enough.  If you are thinking about engaging a personal trainer- give Jordan first shot.  He works out at Pinnacle Fitness, a trainers gym, which is no frills- just down to the task as hand- working up a sweat!

Run, don’t walk, to book your first appointment with Jordan.  Tell him Martha sent you.  There is still time to get summer arms and abs together!

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