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I am a HUGE fan of the Seton Family of Hospitals and am THANKFUL that I have not (yet?) been into University Medical Center Brackenridge as a patient. I was fortunate a few years back to get a White Coat Tour of the facilities and see behind the scenes what makes up a Trauma 1 Hospital. It is overwhelmingly incredible.

I came across this video from patient, Andrew Reamer (age 26) and was a patient at Brackenridge for 47 days. He was in a boating accident and lost over 90% of his bodily fluids when he reached the ER.

This is a powerful endorsement for the folks at Brack and I am SO EXCITED about what is to come with the Seton Family of Hospitals and the Teaching Hospital that is coming to Austin with the synergy between UT Southwestern Dallas, Seton Hospital and UMCB.

“God was having a real good day when he thought up Brackenridge Hospital”


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