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Well here she is! January seemed like the longest month in history and February was a minute long and here comes March! A few random things to discuss today.

I take back everything I have ever said bad about Houston.  I am a convert.  Spending a night there this week for a conference for hubby changed my tune.  It is a HUGE, but fun city! So incredibly easy to get to from Austin- 2.5 hours door to door.  Caught the Houston Rodeo- KID ROCK! And took the rail line back to the hotel- easy! I will be back soon to visit friends here and this time you won’t hear a complaint from me.
Secondly- March = SXSW and alllllll the fabulous tourists and hipsters.  So I’ll try to to give them some tips to get around this fabulous city.  And for those of you looking for a permanant home here- strongly consider this website to search ALL available homes for sale in Austin MLS…and check back tomorrow for scoop on 2309 Forest Avenue, 78704.



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