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I know I am in the right business when I get to drive folks around Austin, looking at incredible homes, on a 75 degree day in February.  Wow.

I showed 5 houses to a dear friend from California this morning.   She, like many others, is choosing to make Austin home after retiring in California.  The cost of living, weather (hey- not as great but she is in Northern California) and people are driving her to Austin.  We looked at homes in Pemberton Heights, Tarrytown and the Westlake area ranging in price from $1,000,000- $1,500,000.  We saw an awesome array of houses- 2 on Lake Austin!!

As I always tell Buyers, it only benefits you to see as many houses as possible, so that when you walk into the right one, you just know.  She was thrilled with what we saw.  When her houses sell in California, she’ll be back, checkbook in hand.  Again, not a bad gig.

Hope you are enjoying Super Bowl Week! Who are you rooting for? Are you, or anyone you know, moving to or around Austin? Call me! xoxo

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