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Well…we have had an interesting week at the house.  Coming down from the sugar high of Easter last week-our dog, Stone, (Weimarner- 7 yrs) must have gotten into some of the Easter Eggs.  Disaster struck on Monday morning (of course as I was rushing out the door to show houses)- and Stone had a MASSIVE accident on the playroom rug.

To the rescue came Will’s Carpet Care on Tuesday.  $54, our rug was back to new.  Will was super accommodating, put some special treatments and potions on this rug and you really can’t see the large black stain that was there before.

Will’s Carpet Care


Highly Recommend.  If you are getting ready to put your house on the market or just need to spring clean- call will for your carpet cleaning needs!  And call me to put your house on the market. Stone the Weimaraner



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