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Do you have a Home Warranty?

A home warranty contract is insurance that protects the working appliances and systems in the home. It provides protection through repairs or replacement of a home’s major systems should an item break down due to normal wear and tear, regardless of that item’s age. A warranty provides assurance that homeowners won’t be shocked with large or expensive bills to repair or replace protected items.

Home warranties can be purchased for all types of homes-condominiums, townhomes, manufactured and mobile homes, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.

Statistics show that covered homeowners will use their warranty about 1 to 1.5 times a year. And, according to research conducted and provided by The National Home Warranty Association, eight out of 10 people prefer having a home warranty.

Contracts are usually for one year, and homeowners may pay the fee annually, quarterly or monthly, plus a flat fee of $35-$50 for any repair or total replacement that can’t be repaired. Some plans require an inspection before coverage, others do not. Plans offer basic coverage for certain items, and will cover other items for extra premiums. Some items are always excluded. Prices and coverages vary so it is important to study the contract and see exactly what is covered and excluded in each contract.

Home warranty contracts also appeal to home sellers cause they can help the home sell faster by providing a competitive edge over other homes on the market. Homes with warranties often sell for a higher price because when the buyer has confidence in a home it discourages downward price bargaining. Home warranty contracts also offer the seller after-sale liability protection because after the seller has moved out, the buyer will call the warranty program, not the seller, if the house develops a mechanical or systems problem.

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Buying or selling a home is one of the hardest decisions anyone can ever make. You want a great space that will suit your everyday needs. And once you’re settled, you’ll probably want to make every inch of the place your own. So here’s a list of the top renovations you can do that will not only customize your space, they’ll also add value to your home.

1Concentrate on the kitchen

People spend most of their time in the kitchen (cooking, entertaining), so it’s the first place where you should spend your renovation money. Look for customizable counters, like granite instead of laminate. There are plenty of inexpensive cupboard options at places like Ikea. Fixtures also matter. Reach for incredible sink faucets, like those from Delta. Opt for high-efficiency appliances from companies like Electrolux. These are all little things that will add value to your house when you are ready to sell it.

2Finish an unfinished space

One of the best ways to up the value of your house is to create more of it. So if you have a large basement that’s unfinished, fix it up. Drywall the walls. Finish the ceiling. Add potlights. By adding square footage, you’ll end up with more useable space (and you’ll be able to ask for more money when it comes time to sell).

3Look to the bathroom

Another place people spend a lot of time in is the bathroom. Another renovation idea that will add value to your house is to focus on redoing the bathroom sink or shower. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money. Places like Rona and Canadian Tire offer great suggestions on how to spruce up a bathroom space without breaking the bank.

4Go energy efficient

The cost of oil, gas and hydro are going to keep going up, which is why so many people are opting for greener forms of power, like Bullfrog. Solar panels are even becoming de rigueur in high-income neighbourhoods. So look into making your home more energy efficient by getting new windows or buying appliances that waste less energy. Also, take the time to upgrade wiring or plumbing (outdated infrastructure will not only decrease the value of your home, it also makes it less insurable). As an added incentive, the Government of Canada now offers programs to help reduce costs of “greening” projects.

5Maintain everything over time

Little things also matter when it comes to increasing the value of your home. When you’re painting, make sure you tape everything so baseboards or flooring don’t get covered in paint. Add trim or crown moulding where possible. Use lights, curtains and rugs to make your space feel comfortably lived in. And always keep your space clear of clutter or waste (Bagster Dumpster in a Bag, a handy new product, will help you clear your space of almost anything).

When you start looking into renovating certain areas of your house, remember to always think about what would add value first and foremost. Once the time come to sell your house, you’ll be happy you kept these tips top of mind!

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Compliments of: Martha Small | Austin Portfolio Real Estate | 512.587.0308

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