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The e-commerce giant may be close to launching a wine marketplace.

Remember when the late Orson Wells bragged that Paul Masson would sell no wine before its time? Well, Amazon (AMZN) is about to find out how hard that can be.

The e-commerce king is planning to launch an online marketplace for wine in the coming weeks, according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s going to be a challenge, considering that it’s illegal for wineries to sell “off-site,” directly to consumers, in about a dozen states. Wine sales are restricted in many other states under prohibitions that date back to the Prohibition era. Whether the Seattle company will be able to help break down those barriers remains to be seen. But the timing seems right for such a venture in the $32.5 billion U.S. wine business.

Data from the Wine Institute, a trade group, shows that wine volumes have grown for 18 straight years. Sales hit a record 347 million cases in 2011, an increase of 5.3%, far exceeding the performance of beer, which has been lackluster for years. Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD -0.95%) recently reported that it had increased sales of beer in the U.S. for the first time in three years. Consumption of distilled spirits gained 3.6% in 2011, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

Wine attracts a wide variety of consumers, from those ages 21-34 to baby boomers. Amazon’s venture may hold with sales of mid-priced vintages that would have difficulty otherwise expanding outside their home markets. The company may drive down wine prices much as it did with books. There are already plenty of wines available for under $15 and a wine sold under the Charles Shaw label at Trader Joe’s gained fame as Two-Buck Chuck for both its price and taste.

Participating in Amazon’s venture won’t be cheap. The company is reportedly going to charge vintners both a 15% commission and a $40 monthly fee. Many will find it’s worth the bother.

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Original Article by: Jonathon Berr

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Taking care of an older family member or friend can be stressful. But so is being that person. One wonderful way to ease the stress burden on both of you: Help the person close to you define and preserve his or her legacy.

“Legacy” may not be a word most of us use in everyday conversation, but it’s a concept people tend to give considerable thought to once they head north of their 60s and 70s. Shaping and understanding your legacy refers to sorting out what your life has meant, and what kind of memories of you are apt to live on after you die.

What a person learns and leaves is as individual as his fingerprints. But I found some heartening insights into common themes in this new research from Priceless Legacy, a company that turns interviews with older adults into life stories in print or video format. An analysis of its projects shows that the top five life lessons shared by people ages 65 to 104 are:

  1. The simple things matter most.
  2. Humor and time cure most pains.
  3. There’s more satisfaction in giving than getting. Service to others is the most satisfying activity.
  4. Choose your spouse carefully. It will be your most important decision.
  5. Work hard and in a field or role that you enjoy.

I love this list for several reasons:

  • It shows that you don’t have to be a president or a superstar to leave a legacy of experience and wisdom to impart. All life experience counts…and the “ordinary” experiences seem to count most.
  • It’s a nice playbook on how to live life.
  • It makes a handy template, or at least a starting point, for possible insights to explore with your loved ones about their own life discoveries.
  • I love any reminder in any form that includes the message “humor helps.”
  • Not least, it should make anyone who’s a caregiver feel pretty good. According to these elders, the odds are good that you’ll one day look back on your caregiving as a rewarding part of your life: Simple things (and by extension, simple deeds, simple gifts) matter. Service to others is the most satisfying activity.

How to help someone recognize her legacy is largely a process of investing time. It can be as simple as making time to listen and asking thoughtful questions. One tip: Look over old photos and documents to evoke a story. Learn more simple ways how to help older adults create a lasting legacy—and you won’t regret it. You’ll probably both enjoy it, and you’ll both feel grateful to bring it into the open.

Compliments of: Martha Small | Austin Portfolio Real Estate | 512.587.0308

Original Article by: Paula Spencer, Caring.com

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Back to school means early mornings and quick breakfasts. Use some of these tips to boost your kid’s brain power and to make the most of his or her school day!


Check out the video here.


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Late December back in ’63…I spent the past weekend with fabulous girlfriends in the City of New Orleans- checking out the fantastic real estate along St. Charles Avenue.  What a gorgeous city.  The last, and first time, I was in NoLa was February after Katrina. Wow- has that City come back.  I hardly saw a “For Sale” sign and the people were so appreciative of all who were visiting. Ran into a great family at Galatoire’s on Friday, the locals lunch, celebrating their daughter’s 30th birthday.  The wife is the head of Keller Williams Commercial in Covington- we had the best time catching up.

Looking forward to putting the most incredible home in Pemberton Heights on the market tomorrow.  Check my website for photos and details…$2.5M- a small price for a little slice of heaven.  The week will be charged with family, work and relaxation.  I am also helping Clint Small Custom homes with their first project…stay tuned for those details.



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