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Foursquare has attracted a ton of buzz as the latest craze in social networking. Some say this popular iPhone app may even be the next Twitter or Facebook. You’ve probably seen one of your friends brag about being the new “Foursquare mayor” of a certain location. Whether you are visiting a local bar or checking out the latest restaurant, the Foursquare app helps you connect with friends or find new things to do in your hometown.


What is Foursquare?

The app uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to display restaurants, bars, parks, and other attractions in your city. When you visit any of those locations, you “check in” on the FourSquare app, which broadcasts your location to your friends. You’ll also see where your friends have checked in, which helps you meet up with them or find new things to do.

After you’ve checked in, you can write reviews and tips for the location, which will be available to other Foursquare users. These tips include everything from the best thing to order off a restaurant’s menu or the secret cocktail that is a must-order at a local bar.

What is a Foursquare Mayor?

You earn points for each new location you check into on Foursquare. Get enough points and you’ll earn badges like “Super User” or “Explorer.” If you check into one location more than anyone else, you become the “Foursquare mayor” of that location, but that title is stripped if someone checks in more than you. Some locations offer goodies for mayors of Foursquare, including free drinks or restaurant discounts.

Foursquare Cities

Foursquare is currently only available in major metro areas, like Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles.

But does the Foursquare app live up to all the hype? Our full review is coming soon.

The FourSquare app is also available for Android, Blackberry, and Palm phones. You can download the Foursquare iPhone app at the iTunes Store.


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