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Mad props to my dear friend (and new MAMA) Lindsey Majors and her online business and all around gift resource, Hester House Gifts!
Personal story- I needed some personalized styrofoam cups for a bachelorette party and quite frankly forgot to order them.  Late one Monday night placed my order, they were to the house by Wednesday.  Seriously.

She also has great baby gifts, birthday presents, the whole package.

Shop away!


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Just came across this website for FREE WiFi hotspots in Austin.  Love it!Maybe I should download the APP?

Click HERE


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Those that know me, know that I have had 2 kids in the past 3 .5 years- and anyone who has had their own kids know the yo yo affect of being pregnant and then not in that period of time wreaks havoc on your body.  That being said…trainer of all trainers Jordan Patik to the rescue.  I met Jordan in March of 2011 and in 7 months was back to pre-baby weight and have never felt stronger.  No two workouts are the same.  He challenges you to do more and better.  I can’t praise him enough.  If you are thinking about engaging a personal trainer- give Jordan first shot.  He works out at Pinnacle Fitness, a trainers gym, which is no frills- just down to the task as hand- working up a sweat!

Run, don’t walk, to book your first appointment with Jordan.  Tell him Martha sent you.  There is still time to get summer arms and abs together!

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Well well well…I just figured out two of my Austin secret weapons are really international weapons. After a recent trip to Vancouver, BC- I saw my beloved Car2Go everywhere! These guys are so convenient! Especially when meeting the husband downtown for dinner and/or drinks after work. We live on the bubble of downtown in Deep Eddy and I can always find a Car2Go in the neighborhood. I drive it down there (for a fraction of the cost to park, cab or valet) and ride back home with the Mr. And- if you are a college student, sign up is FREE and you get 30 minutes of FREE driving. Hello?!?

Another ‘local’ favorite is Blo Dry Bar . Also located on 5th street (a few doors down from Austin Portfolio Real Estate’s new office I might add) is Blo- a hair blow out place. That is it. They blow out hair. Period. The end. No color and no cuts- as a matter of fact there is a sign at the front door that reads ‘You are not cheating on your hair dresser’ – Genius.
For $35 and 30 mins of your life- you walk out with a style (they have 6 to choose from) or general blow out that will last for days. I have done this on more than one special (or not so special) occasion.

Both- also have locations in Vancouver. How internationally chic!



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When given the opportunity to head to the Texas coast- my family does. It is so convenient- approx 3.5 hours- and so laid back and fun. We go to Port Aransas for the beach, pool and wonderful trashy-ness of it all (and I mean that in a very good way). No pretension- just load up a cooler (full of food and drinks) and grab your swim suit and head south.

Our route of choice is through Lockhart and Luling- staying off I-35. I love the small towns and back roads.

During the week- no question we stop at City MarketCity Market in Luling. My husband introduced me to City Market a few years back and I love the bar-b-que. No pretense (are you seeing a pattern here?) and like all the best bbque joints you order at the counter. One problem- not open on Sundays.

That being said- if traveling on a Sunday- we stop at Smitty’sSmitty’s. Wow- the brisket. I love it when we are able to being first timers and the look on their face when they realize there are no plates- just butcher paper to eat off of.

So there you have it- my bbque opinion in a nut shell. In case you are wondering- I prefer Rudy’s in Austin. Always consistent and great sides- creamed corn=amazing.


This is what happens post bbque lunch- perfect as you have 2.5 hours left in the trip


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Run, don’t walk, to sign your kids up for one of Kristen Peterson’s Art Camps.  Located in her (air conditioned) garage in Pemberton, you will DIE at the art they will come up with/home with.  My nieces and nephew have been going to her camps for years- and I LOVE the art they give me.  KP has a special touch with kids- being a former elementary school teacher at Casis.  She is a native Austinite and amazing person.  I ask her EVERY YEAR when my boy will be able to join her camps…must be 4 yrs old.

KP’s Art Studio

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My Stone is a happy dog. We had the pleasure of a first time visit to West Lynn Veterinary Clinic yesterday and it was awesome. Dr. Debbie Faludi, new owner, was so calm, cool and collected- my 7 year old Weimaraner didn’t know what to think. Dr. Faludi happens to be a good friend of mine- and she did not disappoint. Not only is the facility nice, clean, quiet (?)- there was plenty of parking and it is located in one of Austin’s hippest neighborhoods- Clarksville.
If you have a dog or a cat (no gerbils people) please consider switching to West Lynn Vet Clinic- you (and your furry friend) will not be disappointed!





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