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AUSTIN — Starting Saturday June 1, everyone in the Austin area will have to dial “512” when making a phone call. Dialing 10 digits is preparing the area for the new area code that will be added in July. Get ready to welcome 737.

The growth of Austin, along with demand for new wireless numbers, is taking its toll on 512.

Chairman of the Public Utility Commission, Donna Nelson says if you want a 512 number, you are guaranteed one from now until July 1. “After July 1, you might get a 512. You might get a 737, but 512 we’re predicting will be gone by the end of this year.”

She says people who already have a 512 will not lose it. 512 is one of the four original Texas area codes. The other three are 214, 713 and 915. The new 737 will be the 25th area code in Texas, and the first new one in 10 years.

“It just shows that our city is really growing, which is great. And other cities like Houston and Dallas have other area codes too,” said Austin resident Philisa Giannukos.

Austin’s new area code might remind you of a 737 plane. Southwest airlines flies only 737’s and that airline carries one-third of all passengers at ABIA, with 68 flights to and from a day.

The Public Utility Commission says we shouldn’t need another new area code until 2047, but by then who knows what the phone system, or even Austin, will be like.

Orginal Article By: HEATHER KOVAR / KVUE News and photojournalist SCOTT MCKENNEY

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Are you remembering your reusable bags yet?

It’s been almost three months since Austin’s reusable bag ordinance went into effect, and like just about everyone else in the city, I’ve had my ups and downs getting used to it.

In today’s Metro section, Sarah Coppola reports that the city has received 19 complaints from March 1 to May 15 about retailers not complying with the new rules, which prevents stores from giving out single-use plastic and paper bags. About 60 retailers, including Terra Toys and Academy Sports, have received short-term variances to either comply with the ban in alternate manners or to use the rest of the single-use bags they have in stock, but almost all of the rest of the retailers in the city limits have found a way to sell reusable bags, encourage customers to bring their own or, in some cases, give away thicker, reusable plastic and paper bags.

And for all the informal complaining from customers who think the ban is an infringement on their right to free flimsy bags, only 44 have officially called the city to register their dissent.

Every time I go to the supermarket or store, I’m impressed with how many people walk into the store with reusable bags in hand, and it’s nice to get 5 cents per bag knocked off the bill at retailers like Target and Sprouts, which give discounts for people who BYO(bags). It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I saw a customer at H-E-B using the “emergency option” to get her groceries packed in the single-use bags for $1.

I have found myself carrying out an armful of goods from places like Auto Zone, which as a retailer must comply to the city’s rules but isn’t a shopping destination where I would typically remember to use reusable bags. On more than one occasion, I’ve underestimated how many bags I’ll need and end up having to get one of the thick plastic reusable bags, which I’ve discovered aren’t quite as reusable as the city its touting. (The so-called 4 mil bags are supposed to be able to carry 16 pounds of goods 100 times, but mine are showing some serious wear after only three or four uses.)

And to stay ahead of the germs that may or may not be taking up residence in  my canvas bags, I’m trying to remember to wash them in the laundry  about once a month.

If you’re still unclear about which bags are OK and which bags aren’t, the city has launched BringItAustin.org to help citizens navigate the new rules.

How is the bag ban going in your household? Are you missing those flimsy bags or shopping elsewhere to get them? Have you noticed a longer wait time in the check-out line to accommodate the new bagging system?

Orginal Article by:  Addie Broyles

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Every other Wednesday from May 29th to August 7th, Zilker Park will be filled with thousands of people, blankets and lawn chairs, families and music lovers.

As Austin’s largest FREE concert series KGSR’s Blues on the Green is consistently ranked as a top annual entertainment event and has become a staple of the Austin lifestyle and a very casual and comfortable experience. JOIN THE BLUES ON THE GREEN TEXT ALERT CLUB — text “BLUES” to 29217 to get access to exclusive contests and information sent to your mobile device regarding KGSR’s Blues on the Green.

MAY 29













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Please mark your calendars for Gallery Night at the  Austin Portfolio Real Estate office on Thursday,  May 23rd from
4:00 -7:00 PM here at our office!  You will have the opportunity to enjoy new art
installations around the office while mingling with everyone over cocktails and
hors d’oeuvres.

Gallery Night - FB Post Image

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Lock it Up

Hey hipsters – lock your bike up! While watching the news  last night I stumbled upon a piece on bike theft.  Hello theft ring!!! Lock it up people or the likely hood of you getting it back in time for ACL or any of the other thousands of festivals here in Austin are slim to none. Check out THIS MAP where APD tracks bike thefts here in Austin.  Our tax dollars at work.

Click here to watch the video from KVUE

Click here for a map of bicycle thefts from 2009-April 2013

Defenders Investigation: Baiting Bike Thieves

AUSTIN — The University of Texas at Austin is employing a high-tech tool to catch bike thieves.
Bicycle theft continues to be an issue in Austin. According to city and University of Texas theft records reviewed by Defenders, thieves have stolen at least $2 million worth of bikes in Austin in the past three in half years. More than 2,000 bikes have been stolen in the past year –that’s one bike stolen every four hours.
“I typically lose about one a month,” said Mark Mitchell, owner of Barton Springs Bike Rental across from Zilker Park.

Mitchell claims that he has had more than one hundred bikes stolen from his business in the past few years.
University of Texas Police Officer Ruth Jasso says her department takes bicycle theft very seriously.  Jusso’s department is now using GPS technology hidden in bikes across campus to catch the crooks.
Campus police lock bikes, with a hidden GPS, in high-theft areas and wait for someone to take the bait. A computer program then notifies police dispatch of the theft, and the chase is on catch the thief.
The GPS tool helps police track and locate bike crooks as they try to get away. Jasso says that the bait bikes are working.

“We do have repeat offenders, but we’re not seeing them as often as we used to,” Jasso said.
Most bike thefts strike off-campus in the Austin jurisdiction. A few years ago, Mitchell told Austin PD, that he would pay for bait bikes, and the GPS technology if the city created its own program.

“I think it would cut down the rings in Austin and take them to other cities,” Mitchell said.
Commander Jason Dusterhoft with the Austin Police Department says the city did have its own bait bike program a few years ago, but no one stole a [bait] bike. Dusterhoft admits that the technology at the time wasn’t perfect.

“And that’s not to say we can’t try this again. I’d like to look at that and the feasibility of it, and in the end, it might be better to make joint partnerships,” Dusterhoft said.
Dusterhoft says he now plans to reach out to UT Police and meet with Mitchell about his offer.

by ANDY PIERROTTI / KVUE News and photojournalist DEREK RASOR and producer SANDRA BARRY

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We all know Austin City Limits a major music festival in Austin, TX.  SXSW happens in the Spring, but pales in comparison to the epicness that is Austin City Limits.  This year the festival will be two weekends. October 4th-6th and the 11th-13th.  The complete 2013 schedule went live last week. Watch the video to see the complete list of bands.
Click here to watch
the video with the line up


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Finding the perfect Summer Camp just got easier. See below a full list of 2013 Sumer camps around the Austin area.  Find a more exciting, and memorable Camp experience this year for your kiddos.


General Camps

AUSTIN CHILDREN’S MUSEUM     Sign up for a half-day or full-day camp with themes ranging from dinosaurs to engineering to outer space. Ages 4-10. May 28-Aug. 16. Austin Children’s Museum, 201 Colorado, 472-2499 x201. $155-295. www.austinkids.org
BLUEBONNET SCHOOL     Indoor and outdoor play and instruction abound at these camps featuring water fun, field trips, learning, sports, and specialized activities on demand. Ages 5-11.      June 10-Aug. 22.      10321 Boulder Ln., 331-9009.  $205.  www.bluebonnetschool.com
CAMP FIRE ADVENTURE CAMP     Kids get out of the house and into the great outdoors as they hike, swim, pitch tents, and generally commune with nature. Ages 8-12.          June 10-July 26.      Asbury Methodist Church, 1605 E. 38½, 349-2111.  $300.  www.camp-fire.org
CAMP INDIGO     Help your kids find their inner creative spirit through nature hikes, dance, drama, yoga, and more. Ages 5-12.          July 17-28.      Austin Discovery School, 8509 FM 969 #200, 476-8884.  $300.  www.amalafoundation.org
CAMP IOS     The Inside Outside School will inundate kids with crafts, games, art, music, cooking, and even a few farm animals. Long story short? Your kids won’t be bored. Ages 5-12.      July 1-Aug. 2.      5530 Killingsworth Ln., Pflugerville, 512/251-1109.  $500.  www.insideoutsideschool.org
CHAMPION KIDS DAY OUT     Three days a week for four hour each, the kids get into all the usual camp-related shenanigans. Ages 3-8.      Hope Presbyterian Church, 11512 Olson, 258-9117.  $100.  www.championkids.co
EANES COMMUNITY EDUCATION     Play in the pool, practice your sport of choice, make a robot or a film, or try one the myriad other camps offered by your local school district. Ages 1-13.      June 3-Aug. 2.    732-9022.  $130-425.  www.eanesisd.net
EARTH NATIVE WILDERNESS SCHOOL     Learn all about the natural world of Central Texas through exploration and games. The older kids get into some Hunger Games-style survival techniques (without all the killing, of course) at the overnight camp. Ages 6-17.      June 10-Aug. 9.    299-8870.  $195-245 ($595, overnight camp).  www.earthnativeschool.com
GIRLSTART CAMPS     Choose one of the weeklong camps and learn about the ocean, explore engineering, or even create their own commercials and apps. Ages 9-13.      June 10-Aug. 8.    916-4775.  $300.  www.girlstart.org
GROWIN’ TOGETHER HANDS-ON CAMP     If your kid is a day-tripper, likes to dig in the dirt, likes to document things on film, or save the planet, these folks have a camp for them. Ages 5-14.          June 17-July 26.  $195-295.  www.growintogether.org
IQUEST GLOBAL ENRICHMENT CENTER Honestly, these guys win for widest variety of topics covered: comic books, Mandarin, philosophy, SAT prep, code-breaking, fashion design, etc. Seriously, etc. Ages 4-12.      June 17-Aug. 16.      5145 RR 620 N., 922-3236.  $250-450.  www.iquestaustin.com
JCC SUMMER CAMPS     Your kid has myriad camps to choose from at the Jewish Community Center with no shortage of arts, crafts, sports, field trips, swimming, sports and then some. Go online for a complete list of camps and prices. Ages 3-15.      Dell Jewish Community Center, 7300 Hart, 735-8050.    www.shalomaustin.org
LES EXPLORERS     Get immersed in French or Spanish language and culture. Kids learn about foreign lands from native-speaking instructors in these half- or full-day camps. Ages 3-12.          June 10-July 19.      Austin International School, 4001 Adelphi, 331-7806 x6.  $370-560 for two-week sessions.  www.austininternationalschool.org
SHERWOOD FOREST CAMP     Learn archery, blacksmithing, leatherworking, sword play, and other renaissance activities while you spend the night in tents. Don’t worry the showers and bathrooms are modern. Ages 7-15.      July 7-27.      Sherwood Forest Faire, 1883 Old Hwy. 20.  $795.  www.sherwoodforestfaire.com
SOLEIL SCHOOL     Each camp focuses on a different educational subject. All the hands-on activities and games make sure your kids won’t confuse it with summer school. Ages 5-10.      July 8-26.      Stunt Ranch, 13317 Fitzhugh.  $185.  www.soleilschool.com
SON-SATIONAL SUMMER CAMP     The Sunrise Neighborhood Youth Program makes it 16 years with all the usual fun and games that any good camp should.          4430 Manchaca, 444-3326.  $105.  www.sunriseaustin.org
SPILLED MILK SOCIAL CLUB     If your kid’s creativity isn’t fostered after all of the theater, music, dance, visual art, creative writing, fashion, crafting, video, gardening, cooking, and graphic design then you might want to check for a pulse. Ages 5-12.      June 10-Aug. 23.      Austin Recreation Center, 1301 Shoal Creek Blvd, 317-6408.  $225.  www.spilledmilksocialclub.com
YOUTH ARTS SAFARI     Choose one of the full-day camps that focus on the African influence on our culture. Kids enjoy field trips, events, and a show-and-tell with parents at week’s end. Ages 6-12.      July 29-Aug. 16.      Carver Museum, 1165 Angelina, 974-4926.  $100.  carver.museum@austintexas.gov
YPW CAMPS     Whether your kid is a linguist, artist, explorer, adventurer, or scientist, YPW has a camp to suit your needs. Go online for a complete list of camps. Ages 3-12.    329-5611.  $200 and up.  www.ypwkids.com
Art & Music Camps
ABRAKADOODLE     However your kid might express his or her arty side, this series of camps has everything you might need, in locations all over town. Camps last from one day to a week and have themes like pirates, safari, bugs, fashion, the Wild West, and more. Go online for a complete schedule. Ages 3-12.      June 10-Aug. 8.    380-7555.  $124-165.  www.abrakadoodle.com
ART & POTTERY CAMPS     Three levels of ceramics classes for the little sculptor. Ages 5-16.      June 10-Aug. 9.      1000 Payton Gin Ste. M, 416-2447.  $165.  www.paintme-pottery.com
ART AMORE     Weeklong camps and specialty workshops show kids the world of visual art from comic books to the great masterpieces. Ages 3-16.      June 10-Aug. 15.      6507 Jester, 983-7022.  $75-225.  www.artamoreaustin.com
ART GARAGE     hosts a variety of camps that will fuel the inner artist including pottery, jewelery, tie-dye, and drawing for the younguns. Camps have themes including Harry Potter, fashion, and others. Ages 4-12.      July 6-Aug. 23, 10am-2pm.      11190 Circle Dr. #202, 852-9900.  $139-219.  www.theartgarageaustin.com
ART PLUS ACADEMY     Little kids spark their creativity with half-days of drawing, painting, sculpture, and more. Slightly older artists can focus on their passions, be it watercolor, portraits, or just exploring the right side of the brain. Ages 4-17.      June 3-Aug. 23.      Art Plus Academy, 8650 Spicewood Springs Rd. #201, 415-8267.  $190.  www.artplusacademy.com
ART SCHOOL AT AMOA-ARTHOUSE     With hundreds of classes, the budding artist in the family should be able to find something that gets his or her creative juices flowing. They offer everything from art safaris and dinosaur sculptures to Photoshop and flying clay. Ages 4-16.      June 1-Aug. 26.      AMOA-Arthouse at Laguna Gloria, 3809 W. 35th, 323-6380.  $99-334.  www.amoa-arthouse.org
BAND AID SCHOOL OF MUSIC     Two weeks is all it takes to turn your singer, guitarist, bass player, drummer, or keyboardist into a band member ready for the stage or in their own video. What’s more, kids will do more than just cover classic rock tunes, but learn to compose their own jams. Beginners and experienced players are invited. Ages 8-18.      June 10-July 19.      Riverbend Student Center, 4214 Capital of TX Hwy. N., 698-8227.  $500 for two weeks.  www.bandaidschoolofmusic.com
CAMP DUB     Little Dr. Dres and David Guettas can learn the art of the turntables and/or production techniques from beat matching to song arrangement. Ages 12-17.      June 10-Aug. 1.      906 E. Fifth, 600.2144.  $425.  www.dubacademy.com
CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS     Expand your kids artistic horizon with painting, drawing, mosaics, music instruction, and more. Ages 7-14.      June 17-Aug. 23.      4410 Maybelle, 374-9250.  $165-250.  www.creativexpress.weebly.com
EASELY AMUSED     Choose one of the three-day camps that explore fashion design and rock star accouterments. Ages 6-12.      June 11-July 27.      2324 S. Lamar.  $80.  www.easelyamused.com
GIRLS ROCK CAMP     empowers girls with the DIY spirit. Campers learn to do it themselves: play instruments, form bands, and write songs. They also learn the history of women who rock, as well as DJing, blogging, and more. It all ends with a bang as campers rock out live for a cheering crowd. Ages 10-18.      June 17-Aug. 9.  $365.  www.girlsrockaustin.org
JUBILATE CHOIR CAMP     If your kids have a hankering to be heard why not channel that with lessons in vocal tone, harmony, and rhythm? We’re not sure how religious the content will be, but we were sold with the mention of beginner handbell instruction. Ages 7-11.      Aug. 5-9.      First Baptist Church of Austin, 901 Trinity, 476-2625.  $125.  www.fbcaustin.org
LONE STAR SCHOOL OF MUSIC     puts the twang and bang into the summer with weeklong sessions for future superstars. Guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists, and drummers are placed in bands based on their ages and abilities and showcase their skills with a concert. Rockers between the ages of 6 and 10 have morning sessions ($200) and older kids up to 16 rock all day ($345).          June 10-Aug. 2.      Lone Star School of Music, 4301 W. William Cannon, 712-5187.    www.lonestarschoolofmusic.com
MAKE YOUR MARK ART CAMP     Local artists help cultivate your child’s  budding creativity. Ages 10-14.      July 15-Aug. 2.      Griffin School, 5001 Evans, 454-5797.  $500.  www.studiogriffin.org
MOSAIC ART CAMP     Spend a week learning the art of mosaics, starting with a ceremonial plate smashing and ending with a completed creation. Play and pool time also included. Ages 7-18.      803 Herndon, 436-8710.  $275.  www.hollibrownmosaics.com
ORPHEUS ACADEMY OF MUSIC     Singers, violinists, guitar amateurs and prodigies, and other young instrumentalists can begin their musical journey or hone their craft at one of several camps this academy offers. Ages 5-16.      June 10-Aug. 16.    231-8999.  $250.  www.orpheusacademy.com
ROCK CAMP USA     offers performance-oriented instruction and lets kids pick their own material to play. Campers have two-weeks to form bands, rehearse, record a CD, and play live with an audience at the end of their journey. Ages 8-19.      June 17-Aug. 4.      Austin School of Music, 2428-B W. Ben White; 13945 Hwy. 183 N., 476-7666.  $470-850.  www.rockcampusa.com
SACRED ARTS STUDIO CAMP     If your kid just needs a little push to unleash the inner artist, surely one of the camps here has a focus that will spark some creativity. Themes include skateboard art, superheroes, fashion, and bugs. Ages 4-12.      June 10-Aug. 16.      6001 W. William Cannon Dr. #305, 584-8061.  $135.  www.sacredartsstudioandgallery.com
UKULELE CAMPS     Elementary teacher and musician extraordinaire Kevin Carroll offers several session teaching the kid-sized guitar and the art of songcraft for various age groups. Ages 7-18.      June 10-21.    739-5946.  $395.  www.edukecation.org
VOCAL ZONE VOICE CAMP     Future American Idols and singers-in-the-making get their introduction to technique and performance at these weeklong vocal camps. Sessions culminate with solo recitals. Ages 7-17.          June 10-Aug. 9.    989-7464.  $200.  www.vocalzonevoicestudios.com
Theatre/Dance Camps
AUSTIN CHILDREN’S THEATER     introduces campers to both the technical and artistic aspects of the performing arts with a show for families at the end. Weeklong themed camps include topics such as musicals, comedy, stage combat (awesome), and screen acting. Ages 5-10.          June 10-Aug. 23.      6100 Berkman, 927-6633.  $225-250.  www.actpresents.org
BROADWAY KIDS CAMP     Get your children ready for the stage with one of Ballet Austin’s weeklong, half-day courses in dance, acting, and singing with a performance at the end of the camp. Ages 5-10.      June 17-Aug. 23.      Butler Dance Education Center, 501 W. Third, 476-9151.  $265.  www.balletaustin.org
CREATIVE ACTION SUMMER CAMP     Various locations and varied themes, but all the camps promise to be fun, educational, and character building.          June 10-Aug. 2.    442-8773.  $150-325.  www.creativeaction.org
DANCERS WORKSHOP     The young-uns can test out their feet with half- and full-day camps with princess and pirates themes. Move experienced dancers should register for their summer intensives in ballet, hip-hop, and more. Ages 2-16.      June 17-Aug. 9.      11150 Research Blvd. #205, 349-7197.  $175-325.  www.dancersworkshopaustin.com
FANTASTIC MAGIC CAMP     One and two-week sessions give kids magic instruction from the pros. What could be better to satisfy the bug for trickery and illusion? Prepare for puppetry, ventriloquism, storytelling, and, of course, magic. Ages 5-12.      June 3-Aug. 23.    850-4677.  $250-495.  www.magiccamp.com
GO DANCE CAMPS     Younguns learn the basics of communicating and growing through dance. Older kids learn to step with a partner with a So You Think You Can Dance style showcase at the end of the week. Ages 6-17.      June 24-Aug. 2.      Go Dance, 2525 W. Anderson, 339-9391.  $195.  www.godancestudio.com
HIDEOUT IMPROV CAMP     This Austin troupe has been entertaining kids with its improv for a while, and now the troupe shares its comedic skills with the audience. Spend a week gaining confidence onstage before you have to be off-the-cuff funny in a show at the end of the week. Ages 5-17.      June 17-Aug. 16.      The Hideout Theatre, 617 Congress, 971-3311.  $275 ($175, half-day camps).  www.hideouttheatre.com
KIDSACTING     KidsActing has a slew of single- and multiweek, prekindergarten and high school, half-day and full-day camps all over and around town to keep your little thespian occupied. Go online for a complete list of dates, times, and prices. Ages 4-19.          June 10-Aug. 23.    836-5437.  $225-325.  www.kidsactingstudio.com
MOVE YOUR TALE     Learn to use theatre, dance, creative movement, and more to help create and perform a story. The folks from ColdTowne Theater offer a different focus for different age groups each week. Ages 4-17.      June 17-Aug. 19.    809-0017.  $165-250.  www.moveyourtale.com
OPERA ODYSSEY     Beginners and more experienced kids join forces to produce an opera from costumes to sets and, of course, to the singing, acting, and directing. Ages 8-12.      July 29-Aug. 16.      Austin Lyric Opera, 3009 Industrial Terrace #100.  $650.  www.operaodyssey.weebly.com
PAIYH DANCE STUDIOS CAMPS & INTENSIVE     The younger kids can choose a theme from hip-hop to Jedi Knights and dance and play their way through it. For the serious dancer over the age of 9 there are intensive courses. Ages 3-18.      June 10-Aug. 23.      PAIYH Dance Studios, 13420 Galleria Circle Ste. A-116, Bee Cave, 512/291-2179.  $320-1,080.  www.putartinyourheart.com
PERFORMING ARTS CAMP     One session for the tiny tikes and one for the maturing dancer but both teach the dance basics with a little theatre mixed in for good measure. Ages 2-12.      June 10-14.      Balance Dance Studios, 4544 S. Lamar #200, 215-8727.  $200-300.  www.balancedancestudios.com
SCOTTISH RITE THEATRE CAMP     Four different weeklong crash courses in staging a play explore the worlds of theatre, music, puppets, and other fun onstage. Ages 6-11.      June 17-Aug. 9.      Scottish Rite Theater, 207 W. 18th, 472-5436.  $325.  www.srct.org
SKY CAMP AERIAL & CIRCUS ARTS     Kids and teens can find out just what their bodies can do as they learn the art of trapeze, juggling, clowning, hooping, and more with the pros at Sky Candy. Ages 6-17.      July 8-Aug. 16.      507 Calles #117, 800-4998.  $350.  www.skycandyaustin.com
SOLE SONGS DANCE ACADEMY     Camps of various lengths cover styles of dance from hip-hop to ballet. Ages 3-16.      June 10-Aug. 22.      6507 Jester, 343-7732.  $70-270.  www.solesongsdanceacademy.com
SOUL 2 SOLE DANCE     Each week has a different theme but kids looking to improve their technique, balance, rhythm, and choreography can’t lose. Ages 4-18.      June 10-July 19.      Soul 2 Sole Dance Academy, 8708 S. Congress #530, 917-1518.  $150.  www.soul2soleaustin.com
ST. MICHAEL’S ACADEMY THEATER CAMPS     It only takes a week to get the youngsters familiarized with the world of theatre and acting our fairy tales. Older kids take on the Bard himself. Ages 8-13.          June 17-28.      Saint Michael’s Academy, 3000 Barton Creek Blvd., 328-2323 x320.  $150-250.  iklousia@smca.com
SYNERGY DANCE STUDIO CAMPS     The focus is going to be on getting the kids to move to the music, but there will be various art projects for when the feet get tired. Does your kid already know a step ball change from a shuffle ball change? Then one of the studio’s intensives might be more their speed. Ages 2-16.      June 3-Aug. 17.      Synergy Dance Studio, 3425 Bee Caves Rd, 327-4130.  $119-364.  www.synergydancestudio.com
TAL LOSTRACCO’S THEATRE CAMP     is a two-week, overnight intensive camp for high schoolers looking for across-the-board training in theatre arts. Acting, singing, and dance classes are taught by professionals in the respective fields. Ages 15-18.      July 6-20.      Southwestern University, 1001 E. University AveGeorgetown, 966-7847.  $1,450.  www.talscamp.com
TAPESTRY DANCE CAMPS     Whether it’s tap, jazz, modern, ballet, choreography, or African dance, the pros at Tapestry Dance have a class for it. Weeklong camps for beginners as well as intensives for those looking to step their game up. Ages 3-18      June 3-Aug. 9.    474-9846.  $250-750.  www.tapestry.org
TEXARTS SUMMER INTENSIVES     Whether you’re ready to commit to three weeks of singing and dancing or just looking for a weeklong camp, TexARTS has it. The intensives for ages 7 and older cover stage productions from beginning to the final performances. Choose to either perform a musical production or pirouette in the ballet intensive. The minicamps are for ages 2-14 and cover all the artistic bases.          June 10-Aug. 16.      TexARTS, 2300 Lohmans Spur, 852-9079 x104.  $850-1,350, intensives; $150-350, minicamps.  www.tex-arts.org
TEXAS MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP     UT’s Department of Theatre and Dance is looking for 100 high schoolers looking to make musical theatre a career. This three-week, overnight camp features Tony and Oscar nominated guest teachers. Ages 15-18.      June 9-29.    471-3721.  $3,000.  www.texasmusicaltheatreworkshop.com
TEXAS PTA CAMP JUST IMAGINE     From costumes to lighting your kids will be rehearsing, producing, and performing Disney’s Jungle Book onstage. Ages 5-10.    476-6769.  $140.  www.txpta.org
ZACH THEATRE CAMPS     The venerable South Austin theatre hosts weeklong sessions all summer. There are themed weekly variety camps, advanced musical theatre workshops, and teen actor intensives. Ages 3-18.      June 10-Aug. 19.      Zach Theatre, 1421 W. Riverside, 476-0594 x236; 1510 Toomey, 476-0594 x236.  $95-350.  www.zachtheatre.org
Instructional Camps
ABACUS BRAIN GYM     These weeklong, half- and full-day camps are for the little geniuses in your clan. There, they learn the ancient art of the abacus in addition to maximize their brain power for life in general. Ages 5-11.      June 10-Aug. 16.    775-0454.  $175-295.  www.abacusbraingym.com
AFF FILM CAMP     Now in its eleventh year, the Austin Film Festival’s summer camp season has classes for the aspiring screenwriter, filmmaker, or animator. Kids receive hands-on instruction from industry professionals. Ages 9-18.      June 17-Aug. 2.      St. Austin Catholic School, 1911 San Antonio St., 478-4795.  $170-390.  www.austinfilmfestival.com
AFS FILMMAKING CAMP     The Austin Film Society sponsors these weeklong camps that give your kids the hands-on techniques to make short digital films and animation. Go from idea to final edit, and premiere the films for family and friends at the end of the week. Ages 9-18.      June 10-July 26.      Austin Studios, 1901 E. 51st, 322-0145.  $325 ($275, members).  www.austinfilm.org
ASOF FILM CAMP     Enroll in one of Austin School of Film’s two-week classes in digital filmmaking, editing, or animation. Half- and full-day sessions are available. Ages 9-17.      June 17-28 & July 8-19.    236-8877.  $395-670.  classes@austinfilmschool.orgwww.austinfilmschool.org
ASPIRE KIDS     Get building and adventuring with a mixture of math and science exploration and a few field trips thrown in. Kids will also build robots using LEGOs.          8863 Anderson Mill Rd. #119, 250-9006.  $295.  www.aspirekidsaustin.com
AUSTIN FILM & ARTS ACADEMY     Four- and eight-day courses get the kids in the scene and learning about everything from screen acting to sound effects to animation. Ages 7-17.      June 10-Aug. 1.    537-1151.  $250-485.  www.austinfilmacademy.com
BADGERDOG CREATIVE WRITING CAMP     Badgerdog provides three-week writing workshops led by some of Austin’s finest authors. Hone poetry, prose, and playwriting skills and add work to the anthology, which is released at a camp-concluding party. Ages 9-18.    542-0076.  $450.  csailer@austinlibrary.orgwww.austinlibrary.org
BRIGHT HORIZONS     Is your kid going stir crazy. Get the little ones out of the house and into the indoor and outdoor play areas. Perfect for working parents. Ages 5-6.      6111 Davis, 301-9449.    www.brighthorizons.com
CAMP INVENTION     The little MacGyver in the brood learns to create, construct, upcycle, repurpose, and explore at one of these camps scattered throughout Austin and the Hill Country.        800/968-4332.    www.campinvention.org
CAMP VAMONOS     Themed camps throughout the summer have all the fun kids could want including field trips and tons of hands-on play and learning, only it’s in Spanish and English. Ages 5-11.          June 10-Aug. 16.    453-8382.  $155.  megarito@juno.comwww.campvamonos.com
CLEAN CREEK CAMP     Register early for one of three camps for parents and their children. Explore Austin’s creeks and aquifer together, and come away with a new respect for our local waterways. A parent must attend. Ages 9-13.      June 10-July 18.    974-3540.  Free.  www.austintexas.gov
COMPUTER CAMP     Four sessions with 16 slots each teach kids 3D animation, game design, or website building depending on what your little nerd is into. “Nerd” is a compliment these days. Ages 10-17.      June 24-July 12.      10435 Burnet Rd. #104, 610-7600.  $800.  www.the-learning-pad.com
CURIOUS EINSTEIN     Kids will become little geniuses over the course of a week as they explore computers math, science, and creative writing. And it wouldn’t be camp without play time. Ages 8-12.      June 3-Aug. 12.      Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church, 3315 El Salido PkwyCedar Park, 512/808-0103; 3315 El SalidoCedar Park, 512/808-0103.  $300.  www.curiouseinstein.com
FAMIGO TECH CAMP     Interactive learning and games are the focus at these weeklong sessions featuring explorations of nature, math, science, fitness, language arts, and more. Ages 7-11.      June 10-28.  $250.  www.famigo.com
FRENCH IMMERSION CAMPS     If you can’t get your kids all the way to France, at least get them out of the house and immersed in the language. Courses for beginners and intermediate Francophiles available. Ages 3-15.      June 3-July 26.      11607 N. Lamar, 339-6000.  $250.  www.austinfrenchforkids.org
GLOBAL YOUTH PEACE SUMMIT     More than 70 international, refugee, immigrant, and local youth gather to learn what it means to be a peaceful leader in a global community. Get them changing the world now before they’re jaded. Ages 13-18.      Aug. 12-18.      John Knox Ranch, 1661 John Knox Rd., Fischer, 512/476-8884.  $700.  www.amalafoundation.org
GREEN GATE FARMS CAMP     Five themed sessions cover farm life from the animals to building small structures and getting handy with cooking and crafts. Ages 5-12.          June 17-july 12.      8310 Canoga, 484-2746.  $350.  www.newfarminstitute.org
HISTORY LAB     Take a trip back in time to when Texas was the frontier. All aspects of old-timey life are explored and tailored to a young eye, including fashion, livestock, food, music, parties, and more. Ages 6-11.      July 15-19.      French Legation Museum, 802 San Marcos St, 472-8180.  $200.  www.frenchlegationmuseum.org
IYOUTH MEDIA CAMPS     Three weeklong camps show the visually inclined kid you know how to direct or film or edit for TV and film. Ages 11-18.      June 25-July 20.      1143 Northwestern, 478-8600 x12.  $300.  www.channelaustin.org
LIVE THE LANGUAGE IMMERSION CAMP     These two-week, half-day camps are for the beginner to intermediate French or Spanish speaker. Draw, sing, act, and learn just like other camps, but do it in another language. Ages 5-14.    762-4907.  $200-550.  www.livethelanguage.org
MACC SUMMER CAMPS     Learn about the culture of Mexico past and present with one of these two-week camps covering the various regions of our neighbor to the south. Ages 5-12.      June 17-Aug. 9.      Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River, 974-3785.  $300 per two-week session.  www.maccaustin.org
MAD SCIENCE CAMP     Little Mr. Wizards explore the world of hands-on science. Kids follow their own interests and design their own projects in one of several themes including rockets and the fine art of spying. There are camp locations in, around, and outside of town. Ages 4-12.      June 3-Aug. 23.    892-1143.  $160-290.  www.madscience.org
MARIPOSAS SPANISH IMMERSION CAMP     Sports, art, and other activities in Spanish, naturally. Ages 3-8.      June 24-July 19.      Mariposas Spanish School, 3407 Red River.  $195-250.  www.mariposasspanish.com
MOOLAH U     Why not give your kid a dose of fiscal reality this summer? Expect it to be a little bit more fun than that, because the kids keep any money they earn over the course of the week. Campers develop a business plan, weigh the costs, execute the plan, and keep the excess dough. Ages 8-16.    443-8851.  $300-330.  www.moolahu.com
NEW MEDIA ARTA CAMPS     This local nonprofit has eight-day, hands-on courses for young adults with disabilities. Three camps cover topics such as digital media, music production, and theatre. Ages 15-18.      June 10-July 18.      AGE Center, 3710 Cedar, 454-9912.  $350.  www.vsatx.org
RTF MEDIA CAMPS     Teens will learn film from the opening credits to “The End” this summer as they write, edit, direct, and shoot animated or live action shorts with the guidance of UT’s acclaimed Radio-Television-Film faculty. Ages 13-18.      UT campus, 471-6617.  $345-1,100.  rtf.utexas.edu
STEM INNOVATION CAMPS     Robotics? Video-game design? If your kid likes to be hands-on with tech, choose from one of six camps being offered with the help of Skillpoint Alliance. Ages 6-14.      June 10-July 26.    323-6773 x115.  $325.  www.stemcamps.org
SUMMER SAFARI SCIENCE CAMP     Kids aren’t going to want to learn science during the summer months unless it’s fun and interactive. Done and done. Ages 4-11      June 25-July 25.      Peace Lutheran Church, 10625 FM 620 N., 577-1744.  $160.  www.keepaustinsmart.com
YOUTH SPIN MUSIC JOURNALISM     Get some broadcast and journalism training for this youth-produced radio show on KOOP. The program consists of commentaries, interviews, music, and more, and you can be a part of it. Ages 10-14.      June 10-28.      Griffin School, 5001 Evans, 454-5797.  $500.  youthspinatx@gmail.com
Sports Camps
AIKIDO CAMP     No experience is necessary to learn the basics of Aikido. It’s not all big pants and grunting though, campers learn about Japanese culture including calligraphy, history, and origami. Ages 8-17.      June 10-July 19.      5501 N. Lamar Ste. C-111, 658-5321.  $345.  www.austinaikido.org
ALL-STAR SPORTS CAMP     Want your kids playing sports and running obstacle courses but worried they will pass out from the heat? The massive indoor facility lets you rest easy. Ages 5-14.      June 10-Aug. 23.    280-2244.  $170, half-day; $270, full-day.  www.allstarsportscamp.org
AUSTIN TOROS BASKETBALL CAMP     Your third to ninth grader could very well be pump-faking, fading away, and giving & going before summer’s end under the tutelage of your favorite local semipro basketball squad. Cost includes admission to one of the team’s games.          Thu., May  9.      Brushy Creek Park, 3300 Brushy Creek RdCedar Park, 512/236-8333.  $249.  www.austintoros.com
BEE CAVE RIDING CENTER     English and Western riding instruction as well as the occasional non-horse-related activity (arts, crafts, etc.) all culminate in an end-of-the-week showcase. Ages 6-16.      June 17-Aug. 16.      15740 Hamilton Pool Rd., 632-7433.  $400.  www.ridinghorses.com
GIRL POWER KARATE CAMP     Learn traditional Japanese martial arts, self-defense, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Take a break periodically to play outside and do arts & crafts. Ages 6-12.      June 17-21.      Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense, 4534 West Gate  #101, 416-9735.  $200.  www.sundragon.org
GIRLS’ LACROSSE     The folks at Texas Play Hard are ready to help your beginner or aspiring collegiate player improve her skills on the field. Full-day, half-day, and overnight camps are available. Ages 9-18.      June 10-13.    496-1808.  $250-650.  www.texasplayhard.com
HOOP ZONE SKILLS CAMP     Experienced coaches get the kids working on the fundamentals of basketball (i.e., ball-handling, shooting form, etc.) with a bit of fun thrown in for … uh … fun. Ages 8-18.      June 10-Aug. 2.      Hoop Zone, 826 Rutland, 317-0937.  $150.  www.hoop-zone.org
ICON AMATEUR SPORTS FOOTBALL CAMP     Learn the mental and physical skills needed to succeed on the gridiron. There are only two sessions, so register online before they fill up. Ages 13-18.      June 3-13.      Barton and Jaycee Fields, , 876-6765.  $125.  www.iconsports.eventpages.org
JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY     Get the kids hitting the links early so they can go pro by the age of 18. Or maybe just let them have fun learning to golf. Whatever. Ages 5-18.      June 10-21.      Hancock Golf Course, 811 E. 41st, 453-0276.  $110-125.  www.austinpubliclinks.com
LE STUDIO CAMP     Cheer, dance, theatre, fitness? What can’t the toned folks of Le Studio teach your kids? Ages 3-18.      9070 Research Blvd. #105, 276.5215.  $250.  www.lestudiodoor.com
LIFE KI-DO KARATE CAMP     Participate in either of two series of classes that put the “kid” back in “ki-do.” Participants learn more than just self-defense; they learn interpersonal skills and how to react to strangers and bullies. Ages 5-12.      June 10-Aug. 23.      3636 Bee Caves Rd. #212, 327-2900.  $165-205.  www.lifekido.com
MU SOOL WON MARTIAL ARTS     It’s more than just kicking, kids learn team-building, gymnastics, nonviolent bully protection, and more. Ages 5-13.      June 10-Aug. 23.      1901 W. William Cannon Dr. #121, 299-1873.  $185.  www.mswsouthaustin.com
ROUND ROCK EXPRESS BASEBALL CAMP     gets the kids excited about America’s pastime with training on the majestic Dell Diamond. The four-day camp offers half-day, full-day, and overnight options. Ages 6-16.          June 10-Aug. 1.    512/238-2214.  $200-500.  www.roundrockexpress.com
TEAM HANDBALL CAMP     Racquets are for wimps. Learn the basics and maybe even a few pro moves from the experts. Ages 11-17.      Aug. 5-9.      Austin Sports Center, 425 Woodward, 512/522-4552.  $275.  www.atxteamhandball.com
TRIATHLON CAMPS     Can’t get your kid out of the water, off the bike, to stop running around? Maybe this weeklong camp consisting of all three will tire them out. Ages 7-16.      June 17-28.      St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, 2900 Bunny Run, 327-1213.  $295.  www.fitfickers.com
UT SPORTS CAMPS     Who knew the University of Texas had a sports program? Get in on the action with one of the many camps being offered, including soccer, baseball, basketball, football, golf, sports medicine, rowing, diving, tennis, volleyball, swimming, track, lacrosse, ultimate disc, and more. Go online for more info.    www.texassports.com,               www.utrecsports.org
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Lots of ways to love on mom this weekend. Here is a great big list of ways to spend Mother’s Day in Austin that your whole family can enjoy

– Celebrate Mother’s Day Brunch with at The Oasis. Brunch will be served Sunday, May 12 from 10 am – 3 pm and will include everything from an omelette station, carving station to a kids buffet. Phone 512.266.2442 for reservations.

The Nutty Brown Cafe is serving up a yummy brunch from 10 am – 2 pm. This experiences gives you a great meal and live music from Java Jazz to boot. Check out the menu here.

-There will be a Mother’s Day Concert on the Capitol Sunday, May 12 at 7 pm. The concert will be held right on the South Steps of the Capital and admission is free.

– If your mom isn’t the brunch type, she may enjoy The Mother’s Day Comedy and Poetry Show held at the Mansion Sunday, May 12. Doors open at 5 pm and the event begins at 6. The $15 price tag gets you a drink ticket, a buffet, and the show. You can get your tickets here.

– Visit Lakeway Resort and Spa for a Mother’s Day Brunch that is ooh-la-la. Exquisite dishes will be served in the glass enclosed Vistas Ballroom from 10 am -3 pm, Sunday, May 12. There will be a small petting zoo for the children. Reservations are required: 512.261.7379.

The Russian House would like to honor motherhood with an unlimited buffet style brunch and $2 drink specials. The event will be from 11 am – 4 pm. $25 per person, ages 7 – 13 are 50 percent off and kids under 7 eat free. Live music from Viktoria Nizhnik from 12:30 – 2:30 pm.

in.gredients is hosting a free Iced Tea Social, sponsored by Zhi tea. Come enjoy a cool drink with delightful small quiches and cakes available for sale, made by local artisans. Tea sipping starts at noon, Sunday, May 12.

–  Head to Sullivan’s Steakhouse for a special a la carte Mother’s Day Brunch. The family brunch will be served from 11 am -3 pm. Enjoy signature dishes and a slew of kid-friendly options.

– For a gospel brunch make your way down to Gruene Hall for their Mother’s Day brunch served with music from Texas twist. 10:30 am.

Hyatt Lost Pines is offering an amazing Mother’s Day brunch. The menu includes breakfast favorites, an elaborate salad bar, omelets made-to-order, slow roasted prime rib, smoked pork loin, lobster macaroni and cheese, decadent desserts and so much more. $52 for adults, $26 children 6-12 and complimentary for children 5 and under. Call 512-308-4860 for details and reservations.

– The Mother’s Day Brunch at TRIO intends to spoil mom with traditional breakfast favorites, a carving station, fresh seafood and bottomless mimosas and champagne! Seatings are available for 10 am – 2:30 pm on Sunday, May 12. Call for reservations 512.685.8300.

– Swing your mother on down to Banger’s for a Mother’s Day Big Band Brunch.The sausage house and beer garden will have their everyday brunch menu and feature The Urban Achievers, a nine-piece band from 12 – 3 pm on Mother’s Day.

– Chef Paul French will be whipping up a seven course buffet brunch at the Hyatt Regency on Mother’s Day at 11:30 am. This decadent event includes Godiva chocolate shooters and free champagne. Reservations are recommended, 512.480.2035 or opentable.com.

Art Under the Oaks, is a biannual art fair held on Mother’s Day at the Great Outdoors Garden Center. Local artisans will be displaying everything from ceramics to up-cycled hand bags and handmade jewelry. Join them under the oaks from 10 am – 5 pm for kid’s activities and great gifts!

– Enjoy a traditional Victorian High Tea at Pioneer Farms from 10 am – 5 pm on Mother’s Day. The scene will be set among the wildflowers in a historic setting with many other family activities to enjoy. Spots are limited so secure your reservation at  farminfo@pioneerfarms.org. Admission is $10.


Have fun and Happy Mother’s Day!


Orginal article by: Written By Jennifer Wizbowski

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Bookmark this page! With summer around the corner – Austin Area Parks and Recreation is unleashing Austin splash pads for our kids! Here is a great resource for Splash Pad Openings and all the scoop you need.  Our favorites are Clarksville Splash Pad and Pease Park.  Such fun for the littles and really wears them out.

Austin Area Splash Pads – 2013 Schedules


  • Bailey Park – Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  1101 W. 33rd Street. (Photos)
  • Bartholomew Park – Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Bartholomew Park, 5200 Berkman Drive. (Photos).
  • Chestnut Park – Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 2207 East 16th Street. (Photos).
  • Clarksville Splash Pad – Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 1811 W. 11 Street. (Map). (Review).
  • Dick Nichols District Park – There is a kids water-play area with a seal spitting water and hike and bike trails that wander throughout. 8011 Beckett Rd.
  • Eastwoods Park – Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 3001 Harris Park Blvd. (Review).
  • Liz Carpenter Fountain at Butler Park – Open year-round. Hours of operation are: Monday: noon to 9:45 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday: 8 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Closed for maintenance Mondays from 8 a.m. to noon. 1000 Barton Springs Rd. (just south of Auditorium Shores). (Photo).
  • Lott Splash Pad – Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 1108 Curves Street.
  • Metz Splash Pad – Free sprinkler park by Metz Recreation Center. Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  2407 Canterbury St. (Review)
  • Pease Park’s Water Sprayground –  Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  1100 Kingsbury St. (Review)
  • Rosewood Splash Pad –  Open May 18 – September 8, 2013 daily from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  The neighboring Rosewood Pool is also free, but is open different hours for recreational swimming. 2300 Rosewood Ave.
  • Ricky Guerrero Splash Pad –  Open May 18 – September 8, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., every day except Wednesday. On Wednesdays it will be closed for maintenance. 2006 S. 6th Street.
  • Southpark Meadows – Small bubbling fountains are located in The Grove, behind Mama Fu’s, next to a great big, fun playground. Kids enjoy splashing and running through the water. The fountain is not always  turned on and there is no set operating schedule. 9600 IH-35 South in South Austin.
  • The Triangle – The park at The Triangle offers a fountain for children to play in. Adults enjoy shopping at the Austin Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays from 3 – 7 p.m. The fountain is not always  turned on and there is no set operating schedule. 4700 N. Lamar Boulevard. (Photos).
  • The Domain – There is a little splash pad with bubblers located directly in front of Guest Services. There is another bigger fountain that you can play in, located in Domain II, on the walkway between Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dillard’s, in front of Gold Class Cinemas. (Photos). At the time of this posting, the water is still turned off. You should contact Guest Services at (512) 873-8099 to see if the water is turned on before heading over there. 11410 Century Oaks Terrace.


  • Fisherman’s Park – Operates from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. Call (512) 332-8920 for more information. 1200 Willow – 400 Farm Street. (Review).
Bee Cave

  • Hill Country Galleria – Interactive fountain is currently operational, but is turned off when the weather is bad or when another event is scheduled to take place in the amphitheater. Give Guest Services a call to confirm that the interactive fountain is turned on, before heading over there (512-263-0001). 12700 Hill Country Blvd.  (Photos).

Cedar Park

  • Water Playscape at Brushy Creek Park – The water playscape operates daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and is open from May through September. There is no staying dry at this playscape, with jets gushing water from below and pipes spraying water from above. There is a playground and restrooms, as well as plenty of nearby picnic tables. 3300 Brushy Creek Road. (Photos).
  • Champion Park – Kids can run through a blue whale skeleton and get sprayed by water. There is also a fun bubbler to play in. The sprinkler park operates May through September, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Don’t miss digging for dino bones in the shaded sand box. There are restrooms by the parking lot. 3830 Brushy Creek Road. (Photos).


  • Glenwood Splash Pad – Open June 1 – Labor Day weekend, from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily. 101 Fishbaugh Lane.


  • Water Playscape at Robin Bledsoe Park – Operates May 1 – September 30, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. This fun splash park features water guns and buckets that dump water on unsuspecting heads. It is fully enclosed, with a gate. There are restrooms and a playground close by. For more information on the Robin Bledsoe Park aquatic facilities, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (512) 528-9909. 601 South Bagdad Road.
  • Quarry Splash Pad – Opening for the season on May 4, 2013. Will operate from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily, through September. Admission is $1 per person (bring cash).  Quarry Splash Pad recorded information line: 512-943-1919. This recording will be updated when the splash pad closes for weather. 3005 County Road 175. (Photos).


  • Falcon Pointe Splash Park – This splash park is open from May 1 to October 1, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, weather permitting. It is kid-powered, requiring kids to push a button to activate the water. After the button has been pressed, the water will remain on for 90 seconds. The splash park is located at the corner of Drifting Meadows Drive and Tranquility Lane in the development of Falcon Pointe in Pflugerville. (Photos)
  • Northeast Metropolitan Park – The water is on at this new water play area, located at the far end of the park, behind the skate park.  The water can be turned on by the push of a button. There is also a shaded sand pit, rock climbing wall, swings, and plenty of picnic tables nearby.  Restrooms are located next to the water play area. 2703 E Pecan Street.

Round Rock

  • Main Street Plaza – The Main Street Plaza Water Fountain is now open 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays, 7:30 to 11 a.m. and 2 to 10 p.m. Monday – Thursday, 7:30 to 11 a.m. and 2 to 11 p.m. Fridays, and 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturdays. Fountain may be closed during some holidays and special events that take place in Prete Plaza. Call the Round Rock Parks & Recreation Department at (512) 218-5540 or visit the website for more information. 221 East Main Street, across from the Round Rock Public Library.

And now, a handy interactive map! If you are on a smart phone, go here to see the Splash Pad map.

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But different! The husband took me out on the town last week and we had the opportunity to eat at the new Jeffrey’s in Clarksville! It was such a wonderful meal – the husband even said that it was one of the best steaks he has ever eaten.  You know it is a steak house now. Run, don’t walk, and make your reservation for dinner.  And go 30/45 mins early to have a drink at the bar or next door at Josephine House – so fun.


Openings/closings: Jeffrey’s reopens under Larry McGuire’s careful eye

Original article by: Addie Broyles with American-Statesmen

Jeffrey’s, the longtime Clarksville restaurant that for more than three decades set the bar for fine dining in Austin, has reopened under the management of the McGuire Moorman Hospitality Group. Co-owners Larry McGuire and Tom Moorman bought the majority stake in the restaurant from founders Ron and Peggy Weiss in fall of 2011, and after more than a year of renovating the space, redesigning the menu and recasting the staff, Jeffrey’s officially reopened this week.

McGuire, whose company runs restaurants including Perla’s and Elizabeth Street Cafe, showed off the renovation during a quick walk-through earlier this week, explaining that they overhauled every square inch of the building, including the two kitchens, and then pieced it back together in an elegant yet modern design that honors the tradition behind the restaurant but also secures its future in the top tier of fine dining in the city.

Surprises await in each room. McGuire commissioned a piece of art from Austin’s Lance Letscher to greet diners at the host stand, and in the bar area, which remains in the south corner of the building, as it did before, guests can lounge on blue suede cushions while enjoying a cocktail from bar manger Josh Loving or a bite from the bar menu, which includes dishes such as basil-fed escargot, marrow bones with a chervil salad, a savory souffle baked in the new wood-fired oven and a dry-aged burger.

The main dining area, which formerly felt dark and a little on the stuffy side, is now illuminated by a large, only lightly dressed window facing West Lynn Street, and through a cut-out in the wall, diners can watch the action in the main kitchen, which is staffed by chef de cuisine Josh Hines, sous chef Sam Walters and the recently hired Rebecca Meeker, formerly of Congress. Also in the kitchen will be McGuire, who after several years building his 400-person company says he is thankful to don an apron and actually do some cooking again.

Prime, dry-aged steaks, which start at $50, make up a sizable portion of the dinner menu, with sides ranging from truffled fingerling potatoes, asparagus with macaroni in a mornay sauce, and a pea and ham gratin to wood-fired roasted vegetables, such as turnips and radicchio. Rounding out the menu are a 500-bottle wine list curated by wine director Greg Randle, Stumptown coffee and a carefully edited dessert menu from pastry chef Alex Manely including three souffles, baked Alaska and chocolate mousse. 477-5584, jeffreysofaustin.com

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