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Run, don’t walk, to sign your kids up for one of Kristen Peterson’s Art Camps.  Located in her (air conditioned) garage in Pemberton, you will DIE at the art they will come up with/home with.  My nieces and nephew have been going to her camps for years- and I LOVE the art they give me.  KP has a special touch with kids- being a former elementary school teacher at Casis.  She is a native Austinite and amazing person.  I ask her EVERY YEAR when my boy will be able to join her camps…must be 4 yrs old.

KP’s Art Studio

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My Stone is a happy dog. We had the pleasure of a first time visit to West Lynn Veterinary Clinic yesterday and it was awesome. Dr. Debbie Faludi, new owner, was so calm, cool and collected- my 7 year old Weimaraner didn’t know what to think. Dr. Faludi happens to be a good friend of mine- and she did not disappoint. Not only is the facility nice, clean, quiet (?)- there was plenty of parking and it is located in one of Austin’s hippest neighborhoods- Clarksville.
If you have a dog or a cat (no gerbils people) please consider switching to West Lynn Vet Clinic- you (and your furry friend) will not be disappointed!





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I don’t claim to be hip in any sense of the word…but after visiting “Easy Tiger” I might be one step closer.  Last Thursday we hit this newer Austin hot spot and it was a blast!

It is part coffee shop/part beer garden- it really will surprise you. Located on East 6th (before I-35 past dirty 6th street)- you walk in on the first level and it is a pasrty/coffee shop?!  Ok- well head down stairs and you think you are in Munich! Very cool indoor dining/drinking area then you head out back and you are below street level on Waller Creek.  Fun music- ping pong tables, extensive craft beers with wine and liquor.  The food was incredible- Antonelli’s cheese plates, homemade pretzels and dried/cured meats.  It really was heaven.  The husband and I had a blast and are glad we ventured off West 6th to give it a shot.


Give it a shot- Easy Tiger.  xoxo


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Well…we have had an interesting week at the house.  Coming down from the sugar high of Easter last week-our dog, Stone, (Weimarner- 7 yrs) must have gotten into some of the Easter Eggs.  Disaster struck on Monday morning (of course as I was rushing out the door to show houses)- and Stone had a MASSIVE accident on the playroom rug.

To the rescue came Will’s Carpet Care on Tuesday.  $54, our rug was back to new.  Will was super accommodating, put some special treatments and potions on this rug and you really can’t see the large black stain that was there before.

Will’s Carpet Care


Highly Recommend.  If you are getting ready to put your house on the market or just need to spring clean- call will for your carpet cleaning needs!  And call me to put your house on the market. Stone the Weimaraner



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Hold the phone….I am happy to help announce that Aloe Skin and Body is officially open in Tarrytown Center! RUN, don’t walk, to book a HydraFacial+Aloe Facial. As you can imagine (for those that know stories of the owner of Tarrytown Center) ALL natural, organic, etc.

I met Tracy last year after having my second baby- needless to say my skin was a mess.  She got me back on track in no time.  She is an amazing person to hang out with for an hour and a half as well.  We went through a lot together last year, where our businesses were concerned.  I was fortunate to introduce her to John Bundy (Development2000), commercial broker, who helped her secure a spot in Tarrytown Center.  She is right between Frost Bank and Steve’s Liquor– a door down from Tarrytown Dance.

If I had a daughter taking classes at Tarrytown Dance– I would not hesitate to sign up for the mini HydraFacial– 30 minutes of bliss- you will come out looking refreshed and glowing.

Tell them I sent you- this is one standing appointment you will not regret.


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